MultiPurpose Mini Mithila Makhan 250G

Hello friends, I am Manish Anand, a man from Mithila and co-founder of Mithila Makhan. I was born and brought up with my sibs in Patna and Delhi. Our parents had a robust rural connection and they always tried to inculcate the culture of Mithila in our mind , body and soul. Without telling anything they with their action taught us to get connected with our roots. And, culture is the first seed of the root.

I often heard the greatness and taste of the farm fresh foods of Mithila. The more I was away from my land and people the more passionately I found myself attached with them. It is as a matter of fact, the physical distance that brought me close to my land and culture.

The name Mithila means traditional, hygienic, rare, rich food culture and we added gracious ,passionate and eternally beautiful. These individualities that I specifically hold close to my heart and that drive me to make the best out of every day, every day again. I believe that creativity is a journey. It is exploring, trying, discovering and allowing yourself to focus on what excites you. That is how, after I roamed most of the world, I started a new adventure at the land of Mithila, my root! An experience that gave me the chance to understand and learn from different processes of foods particularly focusing on Makhana with value added food products, cuisines, cooking and preparation methods, flavors and cultures.

My passion for Makhana started to rise even more when I started developing Instant Makhana Kheer. I now understood that taste should not only satisfy the taste buds, I wanted to create desserts that wow all senses. And so I did. I mastered the ability to combine surprising ingredients and create recipes that bring the indulgences we all deserve.

Indulge! Because life really is sweet. Our products, I promise, will keep you, happy, healthy, light, and free from worry. If you want to dream of positivity and creative, innovative thinking and freshness in thought in action, include our products in your food menu.